Welcome to RIVER LIN!

Our mission is to “connect local individuals and businesses with capital and resources, to achieve business success and encourage community prosperity” in the Pateros and Brewster communities.

In August, 2019, RIVER Local Investors Network launched on the inspiration and belief that our rural community, nestled along the Columbia River at the foothills to the North Cascades, has amazing people  looking for opportunity to do smart economic development. A group of local business owners, nonprofit members, city officials, and economic advisors came together to learn about this highly effective model that helps locally based entrepreneurs get started and keeps money in the community.



People like……. who need start up funds without relying on a bank or credit union.

Big ideas like…….

How will you be involved?


Investors who are interested in investing in locally-based businesses to facilitate economic self-sufficiency and job growth are welcome to join.

What is the min/max amount to invest?

There is no min/max amount an investor needs to invest.

How do I learn about investment opportunities?

Business seeking investments must submit an application to us. We circulate the opportunities to our members as they are received.

How are investments structured?

Terms of investments are arranged directly between investor and borrower.

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Any business of entrepreneur based within our community of Pateros and Brewster is welcome to apply for a loan.

What amount of loan can I apply for?

There is no maximum or minimum amount you can apply for.

How long does the loan process take?

There is no set time. Our volunteer mentors can help you with the application process, and once complete, we’ll circulate to our investor members.

How are the loans structured?

The terms of loans are arranged directly between the investor and the borrowing business.

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